Volunteers are critically important to our organization.

Many of the activities we offer would not be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

Roles in our home can include:

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

The possibilities are endless for volunteer opportunities. Apply today!

Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteering at Royal Terrace contact:

Director of Life Enrichment
by phone at 519.343.2611 Ext. 227
or Click Here to Email.

Some Testimonials From Volunteers

When God first called me to volunteer at Royal Terrace in February 2017 I could never have imagined the magnificent gift I was about to receive.

I had expected a cold and sterile environment. Staffed by hardened professionals. Well I admit. I was so very very wrong.

The facility was immaculately clean, but decorated to promote comfort and peace.

The staff was so kind and compassionate, not only towards the residents and each other but to myself as well.

There were so many activities available, exercise programs, group games, outings and many more. I could see why they were in need of volunteers. I have developed countless special friendships in my time here at Royal Terrace and sadly have endured the loss of some of those friends. Yet even through the heartbreaking loss of those dear dear friends I continue to look forward to befriending the new residents and sharing with them all my compassion and respect.

A special thank you to ALL the good people at Royal Terrace who helped me to grow, in mind and in spirit.

By the grace of God.
Jason Veenstra

When I first began volunteering a year ago, it was, I thought with the intent of being a help to staff and to make part of the resident’s day a little more enjoyable, not to mention that it would give me something to do in retirement. And I do feel that my time is a blessing to them. However, it took little time to recognize that I was receiving more than I was giving. The staff and especially the residents that I come in contact with are a major blessing to me. As I spend time chatting and listening to resident’s life stories, playing games, serving refreshments, transporting them to various activities, my life is being impacted. Along with a wealth of history that residents share with me, my mind is more restful, I’m happier, and my overall mood improves when I volunteer. It’s a well agreed upon truth, taking the focus off yourself and focusing on the good of another, does wonders for your overall health. I must also mention that I get to see great entertainment for free! The Royal Terrace is an amazing place to volunteer as the management and staff make every effort for residents to live dignified and active lives through programs that stimulate both mind and body.